The next generation camera based Advance Driver Assistance System technology built with blockchain.

First ever blockchain based ADAS

Sensorit Advance Driver Assistance System is the first ever anti-collusion camera based, built on Blockchain technology with state-of-the-art machine vision algorithms

Forward Collision Warning & Lane Departure Warning

Headway Monitoring Warning & Pedestrian Collision Warning

Traffic Sign recognition and Speed Limit monitoring


Sensorit ADAS

Our camera based ADAS system is the first of its kind, with the use of blockchain technology and machine vision algorithms.

Beautiful, modern design

Not only is safety our key focus, beauty and design is something we appreciate at Sensorit. Sensorit ADAS fits beautifully in your car, like it was manufactured with it.

Easy to install

Sensorit’s devices are retrofittable and easy to install, can be fitted with ease in less than 30 Minutes

ADAS + Blockchain opens a world of possibilities

Our Blockchain platform on ADAS opens a world of possibilities, where applications are endless. Sensorit’s applications are wide bringing innovation to different verticals, creating a customer first proposition.

P2P and Usage Based Insurance

Asset Rental

Fleet Management